Redefining the Box

We believe creativity is more than "thinking out of the box". We should make use of the box as a basis of learning, as in developing children’s character, consolidating their knowledge, building up their techniques in creativity and presentation skills. Therefore, all of our programs include both skills and creativity, and are designed according to the development stage of children at different ages. In order to meet children’s developmental needs and their academic requirements, our programs cover topics in everyday life, such as nature, science, culture, design, architecture and art history. Last but not least, building up their curiosity and habits in creating.

Social Enterprise

There are some people who are not being able to benefit from the quality art education due to various reasons, such as poor financial conditions, disability, and mentally handicapped. However, we believe every one has equal right to freethinking and creativity. Through quality art education, we wish to break people’s inherent understanding on art which it is only an aesthetic development or a picture drawing, so as to provide people a better understanding on quality art education and how it helps children in handling life skills.

In order to build up children’s confidence, own value, problem solving skills, empathy and aesthetics, we should make use of the process in art creation to cultivate their diffuse thinking, innovative skills, critical thinking, habit in self-reflection, cooperation skills and presentation skills in visual language. The above are the most important qualities that children need in their development.

IM Creative So are you

We are a sub-brand of CreativeKids, a well-established art and design education organization in Hong Kong for 25 years, carrying out our social mission in bringing quality art and design education for everyone.

Education at school emphasizes training in logical thinking, while art education emphasizes training in creativity. Having training in both can let children have a comprehensive development.

Our Social Mission

To bring about positive social changes through quality art and design education for everyone. To develop a creative community across society.

Volunteer recruitment

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